SCCI partners with Alpine Engineered Products, a division of ITW Building Components Group, to deliver the finest design engineering to your structural roofing system. Based on extensive computer-driven design functionality, SCCI can produce truss layouts for virtually any combination of shapes, loads, spans, bearings, etc...


As an industry leader, SCCI knows what you need to successfully complete your building. Our estimators make sure every bid covers all the necessary requirements for a project, while making every effort to offer you the lowest possible price.


SCCI prides itself for producing the highest quality light gauge steel components on the market today. Every component that leaves our shop is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

​Our light gauge steel trusses are assembled on tabletop jig systems to ensure precision, and all studs, track and furring (hat) channel are shaped, punched and sheared on a fully-integrated roll-forming machine.

Project Management

Utilizing our own proprietary project management software, SCCI effectively manages the construction of every steel framing system from production to installation.


Our project management workflow is designed to streamline overall construction time, saving you money as a result. SCCI's in-house transport and installation companies are an integral part of this system.


SCCI Transport, our very own trucking company, is conveniently located nearby several major interstates, which means your delivery can get on the road quickly and arrive at the job site on time. We make certain that transportation arrangements are sensitive to the scheduling needs of our clients.


For SCCI, installation is not just the final stage in the construction of your project, but the most important. During assembly, the exactness and structural integrity of our light gauge steel components are tested and demonstrated to be the best. After all, SCCI not only conforms to the highest standards...we raise them.


Our installation company, Install USA, allows SCCI to manage your project fully through to completion. Who better to assemble your structural framing system than the same people who manufactured all the components?

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