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Structural Concepts & Components, Inc. (SCCI) is an expert manufacturer and fabricator of galvanized, light gauge steel (LGS) building systems. As a proven leader in the industry, SCCI is proud to offer the finest LGS components and most efficient construction solutions on the market today.

What We Do

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In early 1984, my father, a general contractor, became a distributor for a company that manufactured light gauge engineered building systems. At that time, we only sold and installed these systems. I was 22 years old and a project manager overseeing the installation of our engineered buildings. I quickly became aware of the benefits and potential that light gauge steel components could have in the future of construction.


In 1989, I opened my first light gauge metal truss and engineered building company. At the time, very few companies in the U.S. manufactured these types of systems. As a result, the workload took me across the U.S. and as far as the Middle East.


Today, the light gauge steel industry has evolved from a barely known entity into one of the most widely used technologies in modern construction. The future no doubt holds even more extensive opportunities to pioneer light gauge steel technologies, and you can count on SCCI to be at the very forefront of this innovation.


I invite you to become acquainted with our versatile capabilities and wide range of applications. You will quickly realize the advantages SCCI can bring to your construction system.


By choosing SCCI, I guarantee you will receive the most thorough bid packages, the highest quality products, and the most efficient, cost effective services. Let us get your construction system off the ground. Call SCCI today.

Demand Structural Excellence.




Lonnie Smith


President & CEO

Structural Concepts & Components, Inc.

Lonnie Smith

President & CEO

Our construction systems span a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications, including trusses, panelized walls, custom and pre-engineered buildings, and entire steel framed houses.

The Steel Advantage

When it comes to structural quality, light gauge steel (LGS) offers the most advantages of any building material in modern construction. Today, steel is the preferred material for the most durable buildings.


  • STRENGTH: No other material can match the durability and longevity of LGS.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Wall panels and trusses weigh much less than other framing materials, without sacrificing durability. Onsite installation is thus more efficient.

  • ALIGNMENT: Does not expand or contract over time because it is immune to temperature change.

  • PERFORMANCE: Better suited to handle regional hazards like snow, wind and even earthquakes.

  • COST SAVINGS: Allows for streamlined production, faster installation and lower maintenance. Insulated LGS wall panels provide better thermal balance, consistency and air tightness.

  • SAFETY: Completely noncombustible and immune to dry rot and termites, eliminating the need for toxic pesticides or preservatives.

  • HEALTH: Allergy-free material that does not produce mold or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Steel production produces substantially less waste than raw building materials. It is also 100% recyclable.

Our Story

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